Website Content Collecting

Step one in the process of creating a high traffic, great website starts with the gathering of website content.  Preforming a fantastic first step is critical to the success of any website. 

This step begins with setting goals, gather ideas, and putting those ideas into a workable format.   Countless books and articles have been written on writing content and gathering information for a website.  Creative Exploits has the skills to help you put this information into action.  Take a look at all of our happy customers.

Diligence is a key to collecting information to be placed on a website.

Procrastination is the enemy of step one.  The key is to get active.  We have discovered many individuals don't know where to start collecting information.  Don't stall, get your energy up and go to work.  Even if you think it is wrong don't stop until you have something workable.  WE WILL HELP YOU.  In fact we can take the bull by the horns and write the content for an additional fee.

Creative Exploits will put together a model for you to follow if you want to do it yourself.  Making the process of collecting information for you easy and stress free.  We don't want the process frozen in place.  We want you to move forward in gathering website content.

Editing for SEO Optimization

Keywoods and image selection is important to the success of a website. What good is a website that doesn't have generic traffic.

Once we receive your collected website content and images we will go through it with a fine tooth comb making sure we place significant keywoods throughout the content.  


One of the most important aspects in step one is, just do it.  We will tell you if the content is doesn't meet SEO guidelines.  Our responsibility is to help guide you through this process.  No fear, we will help you.  The main objective is do not get stuck on this step.  If you find yourself stalling or at a stand still just let us know.  If we do not receive your information on a timely basis we will contact you to find out how we can help.  You will never be alone in this process.


Gathering and collecting website content includes images.  This can be a problem if you think just any picture will work on a website.  Our goal is provide you with what images will work and which one will not work.


It is important in step one to take pictures which are the right size for each position.

A great look and feel to any website begins with great images properly sized to fit the space the image is best  suited.

No Worry!  We will help you gather and collect the right images. 

Many people don't realize you can't just go online and copy a picture into your website.  If you are going to use a picture you found online you better make sure you have license to use the picture.  Again, no worry, we will not place any image you have taken from another site on your site.  To many legal issues involved with this.  Don't be surprised when we ask where the picture originated.  The best images are original.  Take your own pictures and we will edit them for you. 

Step one is a fun step and your hard work will make for a great website.  Don't get discouraged on this step. 

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