Website Approval

Step four involves making corrections and granting Creative Exploits   approval to launch the site. Launching the site means placing all files, images, support files and content into a preselected server.  Once the launch is made more revisions are possible.

One more time we comb the site in search of any mistakes.  Are all the words spelled correctly, pictures focused, links applied, and keywords in place.

Many designers charge for changes after revisions.  Creative Exploits does not charge for corrections, revisions, or changes for one month after the final launch.  If you need to change something now is the time.  Don't wait for 30 days to pass and get charged extra, MAKE THE CHANGES NOW.  We are about to launch the site so make sure you are happy with what you see and read.

Creative Exploits will go over all files, links, FTP systems to make sure all is in order from a technical stand point.  However, you need to do your part.  If you see something you do not want on your site, now is the time to make the changes.

Excitement - Positive Attitude - Preparations

While the corrections are being made you need to stay excited, keep a positive attitude, and get ready for your business to grow.

If you have never had a productive website business now is the time to get prepared for the future.  Note, nothing on the net happens over night.  It takes time the major search engines to index and crawl your site.  There in no way to know what the search engines are doing or when you site will be ranked. 

Are you 100% sure you are ready to launch the site?  Creative Exploits is with you each step of the way.  We really want your site to be a success.  We have done all we can to make sure your site is great.  If we see something that needs to be changed we will certainly give you our opinion.  

By this time we have many hours invested in your new site.  We are ready to launch if you are. 

Are you prepared for your business to grow?

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