Site Maintenance

A Healthy Website is a Maintained Website

Maintenance of a website is critical for the health and longevity of the site.  Updating the content and information should be a regular event on any website.. 

The trained staff of Creative Exploits is ready to help you keep your site updated at affordable price.  We want your business to be successful and we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you succeed.

Fresh content, pictures, and other information promotes more visitors to a site and gets attention from the search engines..

Many small businesses do not realize the need for updating information on their site.  Many small businesses stick up a site and think it will bring in more business.  They never ask the developer to make any changes or check the status of the site.  This is a big mistake and a costly mistake.

A Healthy Website is a Maintained Website

Maintenance on a website can be compared to changing oil in a car.  The life of the car will be expanded by regularly updating the oil.  The life and popularity of a website can depend on regular maintenance.  If you want a return on your investment make sure to regularly update you site. 

Creative Exploits Website Design Performs Maintenance

Affordable pricing is important to site maintenance.

If you would like us to perform web site updates and maintenance for your site, please take a moment to read Creative Exploits definition of website maintenance. 

We can help you update your site at affordable prices. Make sure to contact us concerning prices.  We cannot give a solid price until we know exactly what you would like us to do.  For more information on contacting Creative Exploits go to Customer Service.
1.    Updates to product or service offerings.
2.    Updates to product specials.
3.    Insertion, correction or removal of outdated links on identified pages at the site.
4.    Optimization and insertion of new or updated graphics and photos up to the maximum graphic limits of the maintenance plan selected.
5.    Archiving or removal of old pages and information when necessary.
6.    Addition or modification of items in existing shopping carts.
7.    New pages will be added as long as they conform to the existing website structure and design and YOU provide the textual content for new pages.
8.    A quarterly check of search engine performance and updates to meta tags and page content and re-submission to search engines.




Creative Exploits design and development team can help you make important decisions involving a profitable online business.  Give us a call today 541--214-1094 or contact us for more information.