Site Building - First Draft

Step two in the process of creating a beautiful, productive, high traffic website involves creating the first draft.   The most important aspect of a first draft is you finished step one and submitted something for review. 

The house  below is one of the most spectacular house being build in our neighborhood. The most important aspect of any construction project is the foundation.  When we begin the first draft we are laying a great foundation for a fantastic finished house or site.


Construction Begins!  In this stage of site building we are formulating a design, colors, images, page layout and much more.  We are preparing a path to a great website which will yield a profitable return on your investment. 

We will continue to gather information and collect additional content concerning your desires for the site.

Our team will start developing  backgrounds, header images, editing and placing content onto pages.  This is actually the fun part for Creative Exploits.  We love the process of creating the perfect page.  Each movement in step two involves building a site which will receive high traffic from the search engines and sell you're information or products.

If your site is a product based, e-commerce site the most wanted response is to buy product.  As we proceed through step two we begin to think like one of your customers.  What does your customer look like?  How old are they and where to they live?  We want to be your first customer.

Maybe your  building an information only site.  If so, we  put our minds in sync with the people who benefit from your information.  We will be the first to read your content.  THIS IS EXCITING!

Search Engine Optimization

In step two we focus our attention on search engine optimization.  In placing content into a site several important factors need to be consider.  First, the keywoods must be placed in specific areas on the page. 

During this process we stay focused on the fact we are writing or editing content for two important readers... people and search engines.   If the search engines are not considered then the page will receive poor rankings and rating which means no visitors.

Communication is one Key to site building!

Images Edited and Links Applied

Images and links are extremely important to any website..  In site building, first draft,  we edit images resulting in clear, easy to view images and add links

image placeholder Original Images the best way!

If an image is not properly edited and sized it can result in a less than perfect look and feel.

When a visitor comes to your site ready to spend money or read important information the first thing they do is look at the pictures.

No Worry!  We will make sure your images reflect you goals. 

Step two is fun and exciting.  Our goals as web masters are to keep you involved and motivated.  We can not do this with out your complete cooperation.   Great communication is a must.

During this step we will provide you with up-to-date pages to examine and evaluate for corrections. 

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