Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines Rule

Search engines rule.  Google is king!  If you don't have accurate SEO on your site you might as well take out an ad in your local paper and let that me that.

When a website is built it has to be built for humans and robots.  Nothing is going to change this fact and we have to live with this reality.  You have to design a website for humans and search engines.

Look at the header image above.  You can see the trees but you can't see the barn in the back ground clearly. Search engine visibility is easy if your website removes all the fog and uses clear, logical techniques to alert the engines of your presence.  The barn in the background of the header image above is visible but you have to look past the trees to see the red building.  Creative Exploits clears away the trees and provides search engines with the information needed to find your site.

What good is a fantastic site if it cannot be found by potential customers.  Creative Exploits has the SEO Skills needed to make your website visible.

What is Search Engine Optimization or "SEO"? 

SEO is one of the most important factors for building any website.  Search Engine Optimization is the art or skill of using specific commands within the context of a website required by search engines for indexing.  Indexing a website or page involving where a page will be placed on Search Engines Results Page or "SERP".  

Of course, a business wants their website to come up number one or at least in the top 10 on the results page.  However,  without using appropriate key words, meta tags and other commands to create visibility for a website the website will not be indexed within the top 10 on any search engine.  

All this sounds complicated and it can get complicated if a publisher does not keep up with the requirements necessary for maximum SEO.

Creative Exploits Focuses on SEO

We build sites and pages using techniques and SEO tools that get results from search engines..  We can take any website and move it into the top ten on google.  This comes with a fee and we don't aplogize for our fee.  It is worth every cent we charge to move your site into the ton ten.

We also care about your success.  We want to see you achieve maximum results and returns from your website.  If your website is not in the top 10 we will re-evaluate our SEO placement and re-do the page.

We create, with your help,  content oriented pages which get the attention of all major search engines.  Our customer depend on use to put their site to into the top in ten.

Bob, Mary, and the rest of the staff are committed to giving you a beautiful website, developing a great SEO plan which results in your success.

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"SEO is critical for any websites success.".  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.

Creative Exploits has the ability to create high traffic websites that get results for its customers...



Creative Exploits design and development team can help you make important decisions involving a profitable online business.  Give us a call today for more information.