Revisions - The Polishing Step

The main theme involving involving revisions is " let's clean it up".  The first draft might have been perfect but normally it is blurred and fuzzy. 

In step three we slow the process down and start to focus on details.  We, our company and you  go to work revising content, keywords, and images.    Our job is to help you crystallize every aspect of your new website.

After the first draft is completed we start the polishing process.  We look at every aspect of the site to determine what needs revision and change.

All steps in the process are important and this step determines the success of the site.  The question must be asked and answered.  Have we created a great look and feel?  Is the content clear and free of mis-spelled words?  Are the keywords, description tags correct and in line with search engine requirements?  Will your visitors benefit from your content and images?  Have we sold or pre-sold your information or products?


During the revision process each party is responsible for editing and corrections.  Creative Exploits is committed to helping in this critical third step.  However, the ultimate responsibility is yours.  We will cover every aspect possible but we depend on your insight and judgment.  This is your website!  The products and information are yours and you know it best.

We are getting close to launching your new site.   At this point you must stay focused and excited.  Emotions and excitement are important in the process of building your site.  We don't want to lose momentum.   Excitement and a positive attitude will result in a great site. 

Excitement and a positive attitude is a must!

At this point we evaluate the look and feel again.  How does the site make you feel?  Does the site reflected your message or product?  Stop and think about what you want from the site.  We must work together and communicate ideas and changes in the site.  Now is the time to re-evaluate your theme.  Are we on track and balanced?  If we have worked the steps properly we will be right on target. 


Step three gives us a chance to once again look at the images being used to communicate your product or message.

It is important in step three to re-evaluate each image on your site.

No Worry!  We will help you evaluate images.  If we need a javascript flash program to comminicate an idea we can place flash code into the HTML which gives you a flash image show like the one below.

Get excited, we are getting real close to launching your site.

Step three is a fun step and your hard work will make for a great website.  Don't get discouraged on this step. 

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