Beautiful - Smart - High Traffic


The process of building a website includes beauty and intelligent design that produces a high traffic website.

A beautiful design and the development of a website is a process. Certain steps are involved in producing a fantastic, affordable website that accomplishes your goals.

The key to building a great site is communication.  The process requires excellent communication of ideas, pictures and goals.  During this process we will  gather and collect material, images and content needed to produce the best site possible

The client must interact with our design team in order to accomplish the task in a timely manner.

The Creative Exploit's staff is trained in communication as well as current design techniques.

We can design and develop a website anywhere on this planet if we communicate properly.  Take a moment and browse through our portfolio to see the results of great communications with our satisfied customers.

Quality Pictures Create Quality Sites

Great pictures are a prerequisite for a tremendous look and feel.  When you open a site on the internet you make a decision based on how the site makes you feel.  The look and feel of any site must consist of great quality pictures positioned in critical places on the site.

The process requires a collection of pictures saved in a jpg format.  Our team is superb in the process of editing images and preparing them for placement on the web.  The best image for any site is an original picture.

Participation is Required!  We can't do it without you!

"Designing a great website depends on two groups working together to communicate ideas, products and pictures".  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.


Excellent pictures require a good camera and a creative idea.

The primary mission of "CE" is to help people achieve their goals in life and business by creating fantastic an affordable web sites that people visit.    We want to provide our customers with a tremendous return on their website investment.  Websites are tools and the tool should be able to produce returns.

The Process

This process requires that everyone involved stay focused on the project until the site is successfully launched.  If we lose our focus the process can stall.  Many websites are never built because someone loses their focus.

image placeholder Stay Focused 

The process is simple but it does take work.

Step One:  The Collection Process!  Once an agreement is reached on prices etc. the next thing to be accomplished is the gathering of information, content and pictures.  These steps are critical to the development of a successful project.  Staying focused and good communications are the keys.  More information on step one click here.

Step Two:  First Draft!   Once the collection process is completed the team begins to work on header images, background colors and layout.  It is like building a house.  Each block is put in place in order to achieve the goal of the site.  The first draft is only a draft.  At this point more focus and good communication is once again the key.  During this step,  content is reviewed and edited by the design team and your team. Without your co-operation in this step the project can get stalled.  A stalled project is a project with no focus and communication.  For details on this step click here.

Step Three: Revisions!  After a the first draft is complete the work begins.  In this step we start the polishing process.  We look at pictures to determine if they communicate right ideas and thoughts.  We determine if we are on target then we revise the project if needed.  This is the step that determines the success of the site.  The question must be asked and answered.  Have we created a great look and feel?  Is the content clear and free of mis-spelled words?  Have we produced a site that will please search engines and people? For details on this step click here.

Step Four:  Make Corrections and Final Approval!  When we reach this step we are almost finished.  If you like the design and are totally convinced the site is fantastic then we are almost finished.  It is almost time to reveal to the world your new site. For more information click here.

Step Five:  Launch the SiteYeah, we did it, but wait, now more work is required.  We launch the site and make sure the search engines are notified and start the process of building inbound links.  For more information click here.

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