Mobile Website Design

Want More Traffic?

We are living in a mobile world and your website needs to be easily read on any mobile device.  That is, if you want to increase the generic traffic to your website.  More traffic more sales!

84% of Americans currently own a mobile phone. Sadly, there are no figures showing how many of these devices are aging bricks without internet capabilities, but you can bet that, within a few years, the majority of mobile phone users will be able to browse the internet, wherever they are.

The Future Started Yesterday!

If your site is not visible on the net in a mobile format you have already lost business.  The future started yesterday.  It is time to act.

The current version of your website takes 60 seconds or much longer to load on any mobile phone.

Creative Exploits can convert your existing website into a mobile website in a matter of minutes. Your regular site is hard to read and difficult to navigate on a mobile device. 

Good communication is the key to success on the web.  If the information on your site is not easy to read most people will click out.  Let us help you communicate with your visitors through utilization of a mobile website.

Mobile Websites are here to Stay!

It is time to get up to date and up to speed in the mobile world.  Creative Exploits can take any website and convert it into an easy to read and navigate mobile site.

"Mobile websites are here to stay.  If your website has not been equipped to function properly on a mobile device your site is missing out on profiting from the explosion".  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.


To keep up with the future you have to get up early and stay up late.

The primary mission of "CE" is to help people achieve their goals in life and business by creating fantastic web sites that people visit.    We want to provide our customers with a tremendous return on their website investment.  Websites are tools and the tool should be able to produce returns.  Mobile website will add a new dimension to your existing site.

 Benefits of Mobile

If you are interested in receiving more information about turning your existing website into a user friendly mobile site contact us today.


The process is simple and Creative Exploits can turn your existing site into a mobile site at affordable rates.  Our goal is to help you succeed.

The Benefits of the Mobile Web
Some of the more important benefits of the Mobile Web from dotmobi are:

• It can enable access to information, any time and anywhere there is cell phone coverage. By freeing information from the restrictions of a desk or search for a nearby WiFi hotspot, people can quickly retrieve and exchange information.

• It provides vast connectivity. One-third of humankind currently has access to the Internet through a mobile device. This number is twice as many as the number of Internet-connected personal computers (PCs). By 2010, it’s expected that half of the planet’s population will have access to the Internet through a mobile device.2

• It enables services to take advantage of mobile device capabilities such as clicking on a phone number to call it or add it to the device address book.

Creative Exploits is ready to  turn your website mobile.   If you are looking  for affordable  options you are in the right place.  Contact us today for the best prices on the net.