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Can Utube Videos Increase Ranking with Google?

If you place a video on Utube can it drive traffic to your website?  Will in really increase ranking and rating with major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other free engines?  What do you think?

Are Flashing Images Distracting or Beneficial?

The answer to the above question is yes and no.  If you know how to use all the tools on Utube then the answer is yes, it will increase free traffic and increase rankings.  If it is sloppy and unprofessional then it can hurt your rankings and rating with major search engines.

What good is an unseen website?

Creative Exploits can transform your simple website into a fantastic media presentation.  We can dazzle your visitors with flash images, audio and video presentations.  Media tools help communicate your concept, product or information to your valuable visitors.

Websites which incorporate media tools can be ranked higher by google and other search engines.   However, rankings and rating by google cannot be predicted but a good media presentation helps.

Flash programs, HD videos, and slide shows help your customer to absorb your website concept through verbal communication, pictures and movement.

It is easier to absorb a message when you use multiple sensory tools.  When an individual can view and hear a message they are more apt to make a decision.

Every website has a "most wanted response".  Media presentations can provide your visitors with important information needed to respond to your appeal.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousands words.

By Samantha Gluck

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide inexpensive, but effective, ways for businesses to market their products and services. One of the primary reasons businesses market through these channels is to gain higher page rankings for their websites. A higher ranking means the business site will appear higher in search engine results — increasing awareness of their products and services.

Video Development

Some believe a flash program, like the one we are using as a header image, can be a distraction for visitors.  Personally, we have discovered the bounce rate is lower on sites using a flash program on the site. 

The movement causes a pause and invites more investigation of the site.  However, the images in the flash program must be clear and perfectly fitted to the screen.  In addition, the images must deliver and solicit the most wanted response for the site. 

More information on Videos and Flash Programs on websites

Improve rankings with a good media presentation!

"I like video and flash programs as part of a website.  The video must be HD and the flash programs must contain great, high quality images".  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.


Content is King and images count as content.

Creative Exploits can help you develop a great website media presentation.  We will guide you through the process and how to create a great video.

Flash and Slide Show Development

Your pictures can be developed into a great flash program.


You take the pictures and submit them to our design team.  We will examine the images to make sure they  work in a flash program.  When the images are selected we do the rest.  We format the images into an HTML document and position them on the website.

Slides shows and Utube productions can be added to your site.  Utube is an excellent way of adding visitors to your site.  Unique development using jquery programs capture the attention of visitors. 

Utube increases traffic!
Crystal clear meida presentations help sell your information and products.

For more information on Media Presentations on your website please contact us.

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