You New Website is Online!

Step five involves launching your site.  Finally, after hours and hours of hard work your new site is online and ready for visitors.  It is time to get happy and LOOK FOR ANY MISTAKES

Creative Exploits has built a number of sites and on most sites we normally find a few mistakes after the final launch.  Check one more time for broken links, misspelled words, or anything else that we could have missed.

We have created your site in HTML code using and FTP file manager.  Each file, image, and object must be loaded into the hosting account we have set up for your business.  The domain we purchased is connected to each file and awaits the content and images to be loaded. 

Once the site is online you will be notified and then the celebration begins...

This is not the End.  It is only the Beginning.

After the site is launched Creative Exploits goes to work notifying search engines.  We develop site maps, check email accounts, and much more.

Creative Exploits knowledge and skill with search engines will assure your site of a great place on SERP or search engine results pages. 

We want your site to come up in the top 10 or before the fold on all searches.  Don't expect this to happen over night and we can make no guarantees about were search engines place your site.    

This may take a while but if we have worked all the steps correctly, within the next few months, your site should come up in the top 10 on google searches. 

We are confident our process works.  We have worked these steps with other companies and these companies are enjoying great success with their custom built, high traffic web site. 

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