Affordable Websites

First, the price of a web site depends on what type site you require for your business, organization, or event. Pricing can vary  depending on what your goals require.

Creative Exploits can help you make a logical choice concerning building a website.  We can build sites but we can also help you decided what is best for you. Actually, today you can even find blogs and website building that can be done all online.  You can make your own website without much trouble but it requires the desire and time to learn the program

Creative Expoits is more a consulting company than a designer.  We can sites at low prices but if  your needs are beyond our capablities we will help you find the right place and the right price to accoplish your goals.   The basic site is an informational site that provides your customers with information about your business.

These affordable website are not electronic brochures.  The sites are focused on key points any business needs to gain more customers or visitors from the internet.

The basic site is carefully designed using original pictures and content you provide.  One of our representatives will help you each step of the way.  Your success is our success.

The list of features involed in a basic site is simple and easy to understand.  The basic site is based on a great look and feel and SEO tools which can drive free traffic to your business website.  If you have any questions about this list please contact us.  We will be with you every step of the way and our customer service is top of the line. 


1.   Domain  Registration - Subject to Availability - Reoccurring Fee are determined by the site you choose to purchase a domain.  If you would like to explore ideas for a domain name use this tool.   If you would like us to help you pick the perfect domain name for your site we will be more than glad to help.  In fact it is best to talk to one of your representives before purchasing a domain.  The domain name is extremely important.  The right key word in the domain name will make or break your site.  Give Us a Call

2.   Hosting Fee - Yearly Reoccurring Fee can vary.  Creative Exploits maintains a massive data base through Go  If you would like to purchase you own web hosting account go to Domain Sale! $7.99 .com at GoDaddy .  If you have any question we will be glad to help or you can call Go Daddy.

3.   The Basic Five Pages.  The basic five page site which includes the following pages:  Home, About Us, Contact Us,  Products ,and Directions/Map.  You have the freedom to select the types of pages you would like build.  However, with this basic site you can only have 5 pages.  We will be glad to help you select the best pages for your business.

4.   The Design.  This Design consist of a 2 or 3 column template, header image, 5 images per page.  A template is a predesign formate which includes a header, footer, a content column, and one or two nav columns.

5.   Email. You will receive one email address in the basic plan which is include in the price.  If you would like to purchase additional email plans click on the banner.

6.   Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the most important aspect of any website.  If you want generic visitors to your business great SEO is a must.  With the basic plan we will include keyword selection,  search engine notification and meta tags.  Additional SEO is available for an additional fee.

7.    Content and images will be supplied by the customer.  If you would like help with writing content and selecting images we can help for an additional fee.

8.    No CSS changes.  Each template comes with a CSS style sheet that determines the flow from page to page.  If you would like to change CSS style sheets there will be an additional fee.

9.    The Total price for a basic 5 page website varies by the amount of work needed, No hidden charges.  The only reoccurring fees are the domain and hosting fee.

10.  Other limitations may apply.  We can't give a totally  accurate price until we talk to you personally.  Please fill out the form below so we can better understand your needs.

We love to build basic sites because we know the value of having a great looking, high traffic, content oriented website.  Creative Exploits is a family owned businesses that cares about it customers.  We know how hard it is to keep a business going and growing and we want to help others succeed.

Creative Exploits can build just about any type site.  If you need a webstore or other special needs pleace contact us for a price today.

Every Business Needs a Website!

"The yellow pages have been replaced by cell phones and computer search engines.  If your business is not on the web you are going to lose business."  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.


Excellent pictures require a good camera and a creative idea.

The primary mission of "CE" is to help people, small businesses, achieve their goals in life and business by creating fantastic web sites that people visit.    We want to provide our customers with a tremendous return on their website investment.  Websites are tools and the tool should be able to produce returns.

Make Sure to take a look at our Media Presentations page.

Build You Own Site with Go Daddy!

If you dead set on building your own website, which can be achieved if you have the time, try Go Daddy.Com.  Take a look at their tools and if you have any question please contact us or call Make sure to check prices.  I believe you are going to discover you can have Creative Exploits build your basic website for about the same or less than you can build your own.