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Creative Exploits publishing company builds high traffic sites which provide an excellent method of receiving a great return on your advertising dollar.

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The Logic of Online Advertising

Advertising is the life blood of any businesses. If you don't advertise you can plan to fail. Advertising comes in various forms and shapes and on line, paperless, advertising is one way many businesses are choosing to drive traffic towards their businesses.

Paperless advertising can be exploited and misunderstood. However, it doesn't  have to be complicated nor ludicrously priced.

The small business owner can benefit from on line advertising if they understand the basics.

Online ads differ greatly from hard copy ads. Paper ads or hard copy adds reach a specific number of projected readers. Circulation is the primary selling point for hard copy publishers. However, the draw back to hard copy adds is the targeted market is ambiguous and undependable.

Hard copy ads depend solely on the readers motivation to pick up and read the publication and view the ad. Many publication sit on a rake and never are never read. Those delivered directly to a consumer are often thrown into pile and never picked up.

Circulation is great but “pre-sold” potential customers result in a tremendous return on your investment. Dollars spent should result in dollars made. Online consumers are actively searching for information, products, or services result in dollars.

Online advertising is special and unique because it is driven by keywords or content of which the consumer has deliberately typed into a search engine. These people are buyers in search of information, product and/or service which provides for a pre-sold, motivated buyer. Online advertising provides businesses with pre-sold consumers ready to buy.

I use a lap top computer to design my sites but I am thinking about using an ipad in the near future.  Regardless if you don't have a computer you need to seriously think about purchasing the tools you need to achieve your goals.

The most wanted response for any on line publisher or advertiser is a click on a link and purchase of a product or service. When a pre-sold buyer clicks on an advertisers link it can registered and tracked. Online advertising not only provides pre-sold customers but it allows a businesses to track how many people actually came to their site or business.

With the economy in the shape that it is in businesses must to be able to track and account for every dollar spent and the conversion rate.

We offer our advertisers pre-sold visitors, content keyword driven pages which yield a high rate of sales. The best part of our advertising program it is not complicated. We do not deal with Pay Per Click or Clicks Per Thousand Impressions. Many of the larger companies opt for this method but for the small business owner who is on a specific budget this leaves an unknown factor in their budget.

We offer direct pricing which is guaranteed in writing for a specific amount of time. We provide a monthly report on click through and impression so our advertisers can know how many people actually see their ad and click into their site.

Online Advertising Makes Good Sense!

We do a lot of local advertising on the Central Coast of California.  Our primary site is Central Coast Travel Adventures .  This site has over 600 visitors a day and provides a great return for our clients.  If you are interested in advertising on this site please contact us for more information.

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