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Creative Exploits Web Design and Development is located in Springfield, Oregon. Springfield is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

creative exploitsBefore moving to Springfield we lived on the Central Coast of California were most of the pictures for  this site originated.  We were inspired by the ocean, the wildlife, and the spectacular scenes on the Pacific Coastline.  When you are building and creating a new website Inspiration and passion are the keys to a successful website. 

Inspiration and creativity is Cambria, Ca.  The town has more artist per square foot than any other town in the world. Our children live in Springfield and we made the decision to move closer to them in order to enjoy the fellowship of family.  The beauty in Oregon is unsurpassed.

We will continue to be inspired by the mountains, rivers and lakes of this wonderful state of Oregon. I said all of that to say this.  We understand the desire and necessity involved in making a business work.  Let us help you grow your business.

creative exploits

Bob Wilkerson co-founder of Creative Exploits is from Biloxi, Mississippi and worked in the counseling field for years.  After Katrina he moved to California and started a new life in the web design business.

His knowledge of people allows Creative Exploits to develop websites that are people and search engine oriented.

Mary Elton Wilkerson has a degree in Art from Cal-State Fullerton.  She has an eye for detail and design which is invaluable for our customers.

Mary and Bob love helping small businesses and organizations succeed.  Bob has taken his desire to  motivate people and given it new life through developing great websites for his customers.   Mary has taken her love for art and re-directed it into creating beautiful designs for our valued customers.

Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to design and develop creative websites for small businesses, organizations and events at affordable prices.

We also care about your success.  We want to see you achieve maximum results and returns from your website.  If your website is not producing a return on your investment it needs to be re-built.  If you don't have a website then it is time to build a profitable site.

 Our mission as designers and developers is to help you make more money through your business website.  What good is a beautiful site that accomplishes zero. 

Bob, Mary and the rest of the staff are committed to giving you a beautiful website, developing a great SEO plan which results in your success.


"Helping others succeed in life and in business is a worthy goal.  Yet, it is a selfish goal in some regards.  I realize if I help you succeed, in turn, I will succeed".  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.

Creative Exploits has the ability to create high traffic websites that get results for its customers... 



Creative Exploits design and development team can help you make important decisions involving a profitable online business.  Give us a call today or contact us for more information.

If you will notice the banner ads to the side you will see ads from  If you are dead set on building your own website we encourage you to try GoDaddy.  If that doesn't work for you just give us a call - 808-975-7421