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Creative Exploits primary focus is to help small businesses and individuals with big dreams.  If you are looking for information about starting a business or helping your business understand the working of online sales, starting an online business or any type of entrepreneurial project you are in the right place.

If you are a small business without a new website now is the time to take action.  If you have a neglected website now is the time to develop a productive tool to help your business grow. 

Website design and development is easy, simple, and affordable with Creative Exploits Web Design and Development.

We care about your success!  We know how hard it can be to keep a positive attitude in a swirling economy.  We also realize dreams come true when you put action to your dreams.  Start taking action today and contact us or call for information on building an affordable website.

High Traffic Websites

Its a fact, 99% of all websites are never seen.  You can build your own website using a number of free website builders but without a good understanding of proper "SEO" Search Engine Optimization the site will remain unexplored by your potential customers. Creative Exploits website designs include expert SEO techniques proven to drive free traffic to your site.

A beautiful, unique website is important!  However, many companies only create great designs but ignore search engine optimization.  We want your business, organization or event to be successful and accomplish your dreams.  We create great designs and drive traffic to your site all at the same time.  Read the following articles about why websites fail.

Improve Sales with an E-Commerce Website!

"We are dedicated to building a great looking site for our clients.  However, Creative Exploits realizes a great looking site with no visitors is a useless tool.  We want to build sites that look great, ranks high on engines, and people visit".  Bob Wilkerson Co-founder of CE.


We are interested in making you successful. If your site is not successful we failed..

The primary mission of "CE" is to help people achieve their goals in life and business by creating fantastic web designs that people visit.    We want to provide our customers with a tremendous return on their website investment.  Websites are tools and the tool should be able to produce returns.  You might be looking for other investments if so take a look at this idea for your own website You can make up to 50% commission.  Click Here

Site Development

In addition to creating great, affordable sites which demand respect from the search engines; we also want to provide much needed site maintenance for the small business person trying to survive in todays economy.

image placeholder Take Advantage of Social Sites

Websites need attention!  If you build a great site and never update the material you will suffer in ratings and visitors.

Creative Exploits offers website maintenance at affordable prices. In addition we provide a much needed social presence with facebook and other social networks.  We really do care if your business is successful.

In the process of searching out businesses for websites we run into many businesses that have a website but it has been ignored for years.

If your website is not producing for your business, organization, or event then it is time to make a decision.  Do you want a page or pages on the web that accomplish nothing or do you want an active site that produces results?

Long Distance!  It doesn't matter where your business is located we can help.  We specialize in long distance design and development.

We also want our customers or potential customers to ask questions.  If you have a question about anything involving site building, e-commerce, traffic etc. please contact us and we will try to answer all your questions, for free.